Mexico registers a rise in femicides

Women protest femicide in Mexico State. (PHOTO:

The worst month so far has been May, when 62 cases involved the violent murders of women. Sánchez Díaz said it’s a worrying trend that worsens each month.

“It is often said that many of these deaths are linked to organized crime, but we see that most cases of violence against women have to do with their partners or with a circle close to them,” Sánchez Díaz said.

The highest number of femicides during López Obrador’s administration came in August, when 107 were registered, according to data from the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection. It is also the highest number since 2015.

Femicides increased by 8 percent from January to August compared to the same period last year.

“There is a growing trend in the murders of women, but it is not well reflected, because in Mexico very few are classified as femicides,” said Patricia Olamendi, a feminist activist and human rights expert. “The majority classify them as intentional or culpable homicides. But if we add these three situations, we have an average of 20 murders of women a day.”

The AMLO administration is now known for the rise in femicides and violent crimes against women.

Source: NBC News