Protests in Homun, Yucatan against the opening of mega pig farm

On Friday September 21, the conflict over the opening of a mega pork farm (megagranja) in the town of Homún, Yucatán created an atmosphere of tension in the community, where dozens of protesters symbolically closed the entrance to the controversial facilities and observed the arrival of more than 10 anti-riot units, apparently to prevent any major confrontation between locals and municipal authorities.

The angry residents claim that the municipal and state authorities failed to comply with the agreement on not allowing the opening of this farm. A situation that was supposed to be in the hands of a state court.


The demonstrators also pointed out that the closure of the Bal-Mil cenote, one of Homun’s most important tourist attractions, is a clear sign of the government’s corruption and repression against the people of Homun.

They assured that Profepa personnel proceeded to close the facilities of the Bal-Mil and two other cenotes of the zone without giving any explanation, which caused the annoyance of the settlers.

As they saw the reaction of the people, Profepa employees removed the closure seals and immediately fled the scene.

Homun is located 55 kilometers (34 miles) southeast from Mérida.

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