Gabriela Ruiz Lugo from Tabasco, named the Best Chef in Mexico

The Guide to the 120 restaurants of the country “Mexico Gastronómico 2019“, which is developed.

Museum of Pulque to open up in Mexico City

Some beverages deserve special recognition. Pulque is no exception. Dating back to pre-Hispanic times, when.

Marijuana-based candy and other treats coming to Mexico drugstores soon

According to Banderas News, marijuana-based products will reach the Mexican market this year, with the first.

Mérida does it again… The largest “Rosca de Reyes” in Southeast Mexico

The mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, led on Saturday Jan. 5th, the annual ceremony.

How to avoid a hangover

It’s the morning after a night out and your head is pounding, your mouth’s as.

Looking for a place to have a memorable Christmas dinner in Mérida?

In Yucatan Christmas is celebrated the night before, which is called Noche buena. All restaurants.

Millennials influence the new approach to restaurants in Yucatán

The population growth and the arrival of thousands of new residents to Mérida, mainly from.

Lindo Cooking: the ultimate culinary travel experience in the Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico Lindo Cooking, chef Alejandra Kauachi’s cooking school/kitchen in Puerto Morelos, explodes out of the.

TOBALÁ 58: the perfect spot for your #Posada or Christmas party

Tobalá 58 Ceviche-Bar offers an ideal space for the organization of “Posadas” and Christmas parties.

Chacsinkín women elaborate handmade horchata

The group of horchateras known as “Muuch meyaj ko’olelob” of the municipality of Chacsinkin, Yucatán,.


Mexican journalist murdered, first of 2019

Mexico City (AFP) - A Mexican journalist was found murdered in the northern state of Baja California Sur, the governor…

Two brothers went hunting in Dzilam, one gets shot in the chest in “hunting accident”

A sad ending had a hunting trip for a couple of brothers in the forest near Dzilam Bravo, after one…

European Union applauds Yucatan’s initiative to eliminate straws and plastic bags

"Yucatan is a good example of public sector commitment to climate change, so we applaud the initiative that the Executive…

Guadalajara seeks tourist exchange with Mérida

The director of international relations of the Government of Jalisco, Mónica Sánchez Torres, revealed that a commercial and tourist exchange…

Could your cat be hiding the bubonic plague?

The same  "black plague that once killed 60% of all europe is found in yet another cat. A house cat…