The two Valladolids: Mexico and Spain unite for tourism promotion

With the objective of developing actions that contribute to achieve better results in brand positioning.

Five puppies that fell into a cenote are rescued in Valladolid

Authorities from the municipality of Valladolid carried out an arduous task to rescue five puppies.

Water leak turns a Valladolid park into a swimming pool

On Wednesday, January 11th, there was a major water leak that ended up turning a.

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Friday, last day of classes for more than 529 thousand students in Yucatan

There will be 529,579,000 students from elementary and high school levels in Yucatán who will.

Filux 2022 in Valladolid: a resounding success

The commercial and tourism business sector through Jordy Abraham Martínez and Noé Rodríguez Cervera, presidents.

Rainstorm shakes the catwalks of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Merida

Last Friday, November 25, the Avatar and Cancino Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Merida catwalks.

Visit Valladolid the Yucatecan “Pearl of the Orient”

The city of Valladolid has a great historical and cultural legacy, it is known as.

Protests resume at the U.S. Consulate in Merida

Retired workers of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) residing in Yucatán keep their sit-in in front of.

CFE employees disrespect and make fun of a group of Maya women in Xanabá, Yuc.

A group of citizens from the Xanabá community went to the CFE offices in Izamal.

The first edition of the “Pan de Muerto Festival” was held with great success in Progreso, Yuc.

The First Pan de Muerto Bread Festival, organized by the City Council presided by Progreso.


Yucatan urban solid waste will be exported to Europe for fuel production

With a financial ceiling of 3,500 million pesos, the German company Alengo Latam is merging with the Yucatan company Ciclo…

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Influencers in Mexico: a sector worth $15 million US dollars a year

We see them everywhere: promoting a product or service, hosting an awards gala, appearing in a movie, parading on red…

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Cosmopolitan cocktail (a popular drink among women)

Quick and easy to identify by its pink color, the cosmopolitan is a stylish concoction served in a martini glass.…

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Man attacks woman with acid and is arrested for attempted femicide in Cancun

A man was arrested in Paseos del Mar in Cancun, Quintana Roo, after he was accused of throwing muriatic acid…

Tho’ Park in Merida, without Environmental Impact Studies: Sustainable Development Unit

The controversial Tho' Park project does not yet have an Environmental Impact Assessment (MIA), which will be done once the…