The cold front season officially begins today in Yucatan

Starting today, October 1, the 2023-2024 cold front season officially begins in Yucatan, which will.

Valladolid Thermoelectric Plant will not provide energy for the Mayan Train

Around 14 companies are working on the project, generating a total of 1,164 employees, of.

Yucatán received more tourists in July, the government reports

In July 2023 there were 9% more tourists staying overnight in Yucatán, and 45% international.

A woman receives a 30 years sentence for killing her husband

A young woman who stabbed her husband after an argument in Valladolid in 2021 received.

Valladolid celebrated one more anniversary as a Magic Town

Yucatan today is considered one of the most important and safe destinations nationally and internationally,.

Photo: Quadratin
“Discover Valladolid” an event to promote “the Pearl of the East” in the state capital

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, September 3, 2023 – With the objective of exhibiting the tourist offer and.

Valladolid hotel owners outline plan to attract more visitors

The Association of Hotels and Hostels of Valladolid has already prepared an agenda of activities.

Nine people arrested for a pyramid scheme in Valladolid

A total of nine involved who presented themselves as representatives and partners of the company.

Former Celestún mayor accused of real estate fraud

The former PRI mayor of Celestún Leonel Rosado Mena illegally appropriated valuable land of 24,686.

Huge fire affects six warehouses on the Mérida-Progreso highway

An enormous fire occurred last Tuesday in the Non-Contaminating Industries Park on the Mérida-Progreso highway..


Food scarcity is becoming a concern on Mexico’s southern border due to a new massive migration wave

The unprecedented new wave of migration at the southern border of Mexico has led to a shortage of food in…

Strength in labor markets is boosting the economies of Brazil and Mexico

The labor markets in Brazil and Mexico have extended their strong performance into the third quarter, surprising experts and bolstering…

The U.S. and Mexico initiated a high-level dialogue on economic cooperation

Mexico dominates the diplomatic agenda of the United States, with a High-Level Dialogue this Friday, September 29th, in Washington on…

Road accident in Playa del Carmen leaves 7 dead

In the early hours of Saturday, a fatal traffic accident occurred on the Playa del Carmen-Tulum highway, leaving a devastating…

Cartels are recruiting migrants and women as hitmen

In Chihuahua, drug cartels have begun recruiting foreign migrants as hitmen, taking advantage of their mobility and vulnerability. Local authorities…