Valladolid Thermoelectric Plant will not provide energy for the Mayan Train

Around 14 companies are working on the project, generating a total of 1,164 employees, of.

A woman receives a 30 years sentence for killing her husband

A young woman who stabbed her husband after an argument in Valladolid in 2021 received.

Valladolid celebrated one more anniversary as a Magic Town

Yucatan today is considered one of the most important and safe destinations nationally and internationally,.

Photo: Quadratin
“Discover Valladolid” an event to promote “the Pearl of the East” in the state capital

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, September 3, 2023 – With the objective of exhibiting the tourist offer and.

Valladolid hotel owners outline plan to attract more visitors

The Association of Hotels and Hostels of Valladolid has already prepared an agenda of activities.

Nine people arrested for a pyramid scheme in Valladolid

A total of nine involved who presented themselves as representatives and partners of the company.

Valladolid expects two weeks of tourism bonanza

Valladolid’s tourist service providers will be the main beneficiaries of the increase in tourist flow,.

Two cenotes rescued by private investors in Valladolid

The Yucatan government, through Cultur, decided to give the Xkekén and Samulhá cenotes a concession.

Real Hispano: history, architecture, and tradition in Valladolid, Yuc.

Real Hispano, Unique Hotel Quinta Regia Located in the heart of the Historical Center, a.

Gas Zeta delivery driver involved in an accident on Periférico in Valladolid, Yuc.

J.C.P.D., a 30-year-old driver of a Gas Zeta company van, suffered multiple injuries after colliding.


crime scene do not cross sign

Woman stabbed in Mérida’s Parque de las Américas

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A study by the Belisario Dominguez Institute of the Senate of the Republic warned that 15 thousand frauds and 13…

Does Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín want to run for governor as Morena’s candidate?

The version that all-time PRI Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín would be the virtual candidate for Governor of Yucatán for…

Two upcoming long weekends before the end of 2023

November features two long weekends for students and workers that will allow a total of four days of rest throughout…

Mérida’s Inalámbrica sports facility is renewed with the rehabilitation of its American Football field

Users of the Inalámbrica sports facility can now enjoy renovated and improved spaces with the rehabilitation of the American football…