These are the candidates for “Physician of the Year of the State of Yucatan”

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (October 13, 2021).- The member representatives of the Nomination Commission for the Recognition of the “Physician of the Year of the State of Yucatán”, announced the list of candidates proposed as recipients of this distinction, after having issued the call to the powers of the state, social organizations, and cultural activities in the health area, the media and civil society in general.

In the session held in the “Maestra Consuelo Zavala Castillo” room, Representative Karla Blanco Franco (PRI) read the list of candidates: Dr. Edgar Jesús Martínez Menéndez, Dr. Luis David Arjona Canto, Dr. Gregorio Cetina Sauri , Dr. María Elena González Álvarez and Dr. Luis Emilio Gregor Delgado.

Likewise, the representative president of the Commission, Abril Ferreyro Rosado (PAN) reported that, shortly, the document containing the curriculum of each of the candidates for recognition will be sent to the representatives.

Subsequently, another session will be held in which the candidate will be defined and the proposal will be presented to the Plenary.

It should be remembered that this award, which will be presented for the first time in October of this year, is a recognition for those who have stood out in their profession for carrying out extraordinary actions, for their trajectory, or for their academic or humanistic contribution in the exercise of their career to the service of the Yucatecan society.

The recognition of the “Physician of the Year of the State of Yucatan” will be awarded in a Solemn Session, within the framework of the National Medical Day.