Health Secretary says hospitals in Yucatan are well-coordinated and there is no saturation

The State Secretary of Health, Mauricio Sauri Vivas, stated that “in the medical operation against the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic there is excellent coordination” with federal hospitals in Yucatan.

There is excellent coordination with federal hospitals, ” Sauri Vivas said.

“According to the governor’s instructions, protective and medical equipment has already been provided to all the public hospitals, including the High Specialty Regional Hospital. Last week we gave equipment to the IMSS delegation. There is an excellent relationship with Issste and with the director of the hospital, we have continuous meetings to conduct an analysis of the pandemic and the results are announced daily. ”

Regarding the cases handled by each hospital that cares for patients with Covid-19 in Yucatan, the Secretary of Health reported that the Issste, the IMSS and the Ministry of Health upload the registered cases, both of infections and deaths, suspects and recovered, to a federal online platform from which the federal government extracts the information as well as the State Health Secretariat.

Parallel to the federal platform created for the Covid-19 throughout the country, the IMSS has its own platform, to which the State Secretariat of Health has access.

The Secretary of Health was asked if it was true that there is saturation in the Juárez Hospital due to cases of covid, that the T-1 is almost at saturation point, and that in the UMAE they only attend to the most serious cases.

“Not all patients require hospitalization, as we are getting to know the disease better, we are progressing in its treatment,” he said.

“The important thing is that the patient arrives at the hospital on time so that he/she can leave quickly; if the patient arrives with certain medical parameters, he can be given treatment before intubation. The hospitalization service is stable, there is no saturation, we have sufficient capacity to care for all patients,” Suri Vivas declared.