Hawk attacks pets in a house in Mérida

A week ago, residents of Cholul reported the appearance and attack of a jaguarundi that.

‘Pocho’, was a 445 kg crocodile and “pet” of a fisherman in Costa Rica

A tender story of friendship happened in Costa Rica and quickly went around the world..

More tourists will be attracted by manatee sightings in Atasta, Campeche

Campeche.- The Atasta Peninsula has become a new tourist attraction thanks to the recent sighting.

Barbara MacKinnon, pioneer in bird watching in Yucatán

After losing a parakeet that was more than just a pet but one of her.

Whalesharks surprise fishermen off the coasts of El Cuyo

During this month of September, it is possible to spot the whale shark (Rhincodon typus).

Jaguarundi: Get to know the world’s most mysterious feline that roamed the streets of Cholul

Despite being a small feline, it is one of the most temperamental and fierce. That’s.

Jaguarundi caught after terrorizing neighbors in Merida’s Cholul district

Following a report of the presence of a jaguarundi near the houses in the Cholul.

Tourists capture jaguar swimming in protected reserve in Yucatán: Video (Watch Video)

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, September 08, 2023: A unique moment was experienced by a couple of Polish.


Smile even more, worry even less. SOUTH AFRICA Southern Giraffe, Giraffa giraffa giraffa PHOTO Slider.

Xuuláb ants threaten over 20,000 bee colonies of beekeepers in Yucatán

With the rainy season upon them, a new threat looms over beekeepers in Yucatán in.


Yucatecan artist triumphs in international Body Paint contest

Once again, the Progreso-based artist Edith Villanueva highlighted Yucatán in an international Body Paint contest, where she won third place…

User exhibits on social media the poor service in a public hospital in Mérida

It seems that hospital saturation is beginning to be noticeable in Yucatán, according to a video circulating on social networks,…

“House of the Yucatecan” opens its doors in San Francisco, California

The new space is a commitment fulfilled by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal to offer attention and advice to Yucatecans with…

Alert for beach house rental scams in Yucatán

Iván Cervera, vice-president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) of Mérida, called on the owners of summer…

Corn Day celebrations are affected by low production

Domestic production suffered a significant drop with respect to the previous year. National Corn Day is celebrated on September 29,…