Fanny Librada del Rosario Rivas, an important Yucatecan businesswoman passed away in Merida

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

On April 21, at the age of 70, the Yucatecan businesswoman Fanny Librada del Rosario Rivas Briceño, who was in charge of the Rivas printing business for many years, has passed away.

(TYT).- The woman of Yucatecan origin is the mother of the president of the PRI state committee, Francisco Torres Rivas, who issued a statement through his social networks after the death of his mother.

“Go in peace, here we will take care of each other. My dad, my brothers, your grandchildren, and the whole family. We will take care of your swing, your flowers, and plants in the place where you liked to be surrounded by Yellow Butterflies. Walk with that smile that always gave us a lot of joy and peace, “the politician shared on social networks.

The woman was veiled at the La Piedad funeral complex, and she will have an ashes deposition mass at 9:30 a.m. next Sunday at the Itzimná Community Center.

RIP Doña Rosario Rivas.

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