Leaders of Indigenous Peoples and Afro-Mexicans ethnic groups in Yucatan sworn in as Governor and Vice-Governor of the group

During the First State Assembly of the National Council for the Development of Indigenous and.

Mauricio Vila is elected vice president of the National Conference of Governors (Conago)

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal was unanimously elected vice-president of the National Conference of Governors (Conago),.

Mayan Train workers block exit from Valladolid, Yucatan

Workers of the Mayan Train blocked the Merida-Valladolid highway at the bridge exit to Tizimín,.

Rio Lagartos astronomer captures green comet passing through Yucatan

Carlos Manuel Mena Pacheco, a systems engineer and astronomer graduated from UNAM, who promotes astronomical.

Fire in Umán, Yucatán landfill is finally under control

The municipal authorities of Umán continued to mitigate the fire that was set at the.

honeycomb insect bees honey
Pig farms are threatening Yucatan’s honey certification

Groups of beekeepers, activists and civil associations in the state of Yucatan expressed their indignation.

Historic record in remittances for Yucatan: exceeding $390 million US dollars in one year

The general director of the Institute for the Development of Culture of Yucatan (Indemaya), Erick.

Yucatan’s economic growth is an opportunity to strengthen the timber industry sector

The economic growth that is perceived through the arrival of large companies, the proliferation of.

Route of the Mayan Train in Yucatan: stations and stops near Merida

Little by little the route of the Tren Maya is taking shape in the Southeast.

Mauricio Vila inaugurates assembly plant with a $4 million US dollars investment, the first in Yucatan

The first plant in Yucatan of Shacman Tractor-Truck Agency of the Southeast was inaugurated today.


Mexican Fernando Valenzuela is now officially a living legend; the LA Dodgers to retire number 34

The Los Angeles Dodgers will retire the number 34 worn by the legendary Mexican pitcher, Fernando Valenzuela, a fact that…

Of course we all love Ravioli! But have you tried Crisp-fried cheese Ravioli?

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President of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice demands, in front of AMLO, that the Judicial Branch be respected

In front of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the President of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice, Minister Norma Piña,…


Imagine when three puma trekkers witnessed something they had never seen in each of their seven years experience among pumas…

green banana beside yellow banana

Market vendors in Merida tamper with scales

Non-established merchants located outside Merida's main markets are being singled out and confronted by customers for selling incomplete kilos of…