Michael Bloomberg, the world’s leading sponsor of climate change activism, declares war on plastics

New York – Michael Bloomberg is many things: a former mayor of New York City,.

Yucatán commemorates World Tourism Day with a program aligned with the UNWTO global objectives

In celebration of World Tourism Day, Yucatán held a Commemoration Day for World Tourism to.

Lack of drainage has a growing negative environmental impact on Quintana Roo’s aquifers

Four out of 10 spas and homes near lagoons in the southern zone of Quintana.

Popocatepetl becomes very active! It registers almost 400 exhalations and even an earthquake

The Popocatepetl volcano is more active since in the last 24 hours of monitoring its.

100 trees had been planted in Mérida’s Itzimná Park

Itzimná Park was the venue for the continuation of the “Arborizando Yucatán” program, during which.

Private initiative donates 300 hectares to be turned into a protected area in Puerto Morelos

19/09/2023 | Cancun, Quintana Roo.-The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, informed -during Tuesday’s.

One Child, One Tree” a reforestation program successfully implemented in Yucatan

The reforestation program “One child, one tree” has distributed 75,663 plants in schools, covering 227.21.

Renan Barrera works to protect Merida’s nature reserve

The Mayor of Merida, Renan Barrera Concha, held a meeting with the Director General of.

Popocatépetl emits intense smoke, Volcanic Alert Light remains at Yellow Phase 2

The National Center for Disaster Prevention has detected 43 exhalations accompanied by steam, volcanic gases,.

Quintana Roo and the Netherlands Unite Efforts to Protect the Environment

Mexico City – With the objective of collaborating on environmental issues, the government headed by.


Elderly woman loses her life after being run over in Merida’s Polígono 108 Subdivision

Mérida, Yucatan.- Due to being brutally run over, Juanita "N", 79 years old, died in the hospital, after being hit…

Young woman dies in a gym after hitting herself with exercise machine in Peru

A young woman, only 26 years old, died tragically after hitting her head on a machine at the gym she…

Mexican legislators propose reform for a Double Christmas Bonus (Aguinaldo)

At least four initiatives on the increase of the Christmas bonus are still pending review in the Labor and Social…

Pros and cons of electric cars analyzed in Yucatan

Currently there are positive and negative points to consider about electric cars, especially because of the geographical area in which…

Armed group sets fire to over 29 homes in the municipal council of Altamirano, Chiapas

On Friday night, an armed group, allegedly composed of ejido members affiliated with Rogelio Hernández Gómez, committed violence in the…