Yucatecan artisans take CDMX by storm

The Yucatan Entrepreneur Institute (IYEM) took close to 2 thousand pieces of handicrafts and only.

Increased attendance at Yucatán’s historic sites

Interest in learning about ancestral culture in the state is growing! In 2022, the number.

Meet “The woman of the Palms”

The Woman of the Palms (La Mujer de las Palmas) is the oldest human skeleton.

What you did not know about the Merida Cathedral

The Cathedral of Merida is one of Mexico’s oldest treasures, which has witnessed the history.

The confidant chair, love legend or reality?

Mérida is known for its rich history in Maya culture and tradition. It was built.

The Senate is urged to approve the 3 out of 3 Law

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, April 2023.- The Congresswoman of National Action, Carmen González Martín made use of.

San Idelfonso Cathedral one of Merida’s most precious gems

The Cathedral of Yucatan is dedicated to San Ildefonso, and it is the seat of.

Gonzalo Guerrero: The Spanish soldier who became a Mayan warrior

Gonzalo Guerrero is a significant figure in the history of the Yucatan Peninsula. Born in.

Unveiling the dark secrets of the ancient civilizations

Deep in the heart of the Yucatan jungle lie hidden treasures shrouded in mystery and.

The Mystery of Chichen Itza’s Pyramids: Techniques and theories behind their construction

Chichen Itza, located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, is one of the most famous.


Volkswagen is building a US$14 billion battery plant for electric vehicles in Canada

Canada scored a major victory earlier this year when German automaker Volkswagen announced that it was building a US$14 billion battery plant…

Businessmen support Mauricio Vila and the mega-works carried out in Yucatán

Speaking about the information given by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal during President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's morning conference, the business…

Pozole with coconut, the traditional Yucatan drink to fight the heat wave

The Yucatecan pozole is known as the drink of the Maya, as it is a tradition of the ancestors because…

Choripanes sale organized to raise funds

MÉRIDA, Yuc., June 7, 2023. Two rugby teams, one for girls and one for boys, will hold a choripan sale…

The “Va y Ven” transportation system arrives to western Merida

With 35 modern units, the new routes Centro-Komchén, Centro-CRIT, Centro-Francisco de Montejo and Centro-Pensiones will start operating this Monday, June…