Iranian teen assaulted by police has “no hope of recovery”

An Iranian teenager who was left in a coma after what activists described as an.

Possible femicides detected and classified as a different crime in Yucatán

They are requesting an investigation into several cases of women who have had attempts on.

Yucatán police arrest suspect in the case of a woman found dead in a downtown Mérida hotel

The Secretary of Public Security announced the arrest of the alleged author of the femicide..

Alleged femicide of a woman murdered in a hotel in Mérida, behind bars

The woman whose body was found last Tuesday in a hotel in Mérida’s downtown was.

The Yucatán Peninsula, a violent place for women

Natalia was returning from work on what could be described as an ordinary day, coming.

AMLO declares that he is “a victim of gender violence”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has once again sparked ridicule and outrage after suggesting during a.

Lilith went on vacation to Oaxaca and had an argument with her girlfriend: loose ends of her mysterious disappearance

It has been almost three months since Lilith Saori Arreola Alvear disappeared after going on.

Femicide in Yucatan: the identity of a woman found in Motul is revealed

According to information gathered, the woman worked as a waitress at the bar “El Pobre.

grayscale and selective focus photography of three women
Crime of extortion against women in Mexico is on the rise

The crime of extortion in which the victims were women grew 12 percent between 2021.

Hospitality has a protocol for emergencies; motels must comply (AMHY)

After the femicide occurred on Saturday, January 7th in Eros II motel located in the.


Activists invite to a gala for animals

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Progreso beaches receive more visitors

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Gran Parque La Plancha’s last details will be ready in December

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woman wearing face mask

The first human case of influenza A(H1N2) was detected in the U.K.

Britain's government said on Monday, November 27th, it had detected a first human case of flu strain A(H1N2)v, which is…

Hunter shoots a deer but injures himself

A hunter in Mérida was injured when he shot a deer to kill it, the shotgun pellets ricocheted off the…