Woman falls to her death from second floor in downtown Mérida

Apparently, a young restaurant employee did not know that a door led to the balcony.

A strange death suffered Guadalupe M.G, 36 years old, who fell from a balcony on the second floor of a building right next to the Government Palace and ended up in front of the main entrance of this historic building located in the heart of downtown Mérida.

Una joven mujer sufrió fatal caída de un balcón en un edificio ubicado junto al Palacio de Gobierno en Mérida (Foto de Alix Ycté)

The exact time the tragedy occurred is unknown, but a co-worker found the body around 1 in the morning.

Did the woman not know that the door led to the balcony?

According to testimonies, apparently, the young woman, who was an employee of the place, carelessly opened the doors of a balcony and fell from the second floor.

The building, which is located next to the Government Palace, houses a restaurant and presumably, the woman was unaware that there was a balcony behind the closed doors.

That would explain the fall that led to the death of Guadalupe, but there is still no official version

As the events were strange, since the early hours of Sunday, staff of the Prosecutor’s Office could be observed conducting the corresponding investigations

Shortly before noon on Sunday, October Forensic staff took the body to the SEMEFO.

Source: yucatan.com.mx