First Honey Festival in Merida showcases local beekeepers

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Merida

With the participation of products from 18 communities within the Merida municipality, the Mayor inaugurated o September 2nd, the first edition of the Mérida’s Honey Festival in the Plaza Grande.

To promote the economic development of the families of Mérida rural communities, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha promotes the creation of new distribution, marketing and sale channels for products made with honey.

At the inauguration of the First Honey Festival that took place in the Plaza Grande, the Municipal President assured that the creation of new commercial strategies, such as this first edition Honey Fair, is complemented by the program of Support for Productive Projects where credits and inputs are granted for the consolidation of economic activities.

“The City Council offers support to productive projects, both in credits and in kind, to complete these facilities that honey producers receive, it was necessary to work to expand their sales and provide them with more opportunities to improve their family economy,” the Mayor said.

He recalled that in May he visited the Yaxnic community to attend the commemoration of “World Bee Day”, where he promised to create a fair that allows honey producers to market derived products such as soaps, cosmetics and syrups, among others.

“With this Fair, we offer the opportunity for the products to present their brands, and establish direct sales contacts with natural sweet distributors. In addition, I am pleased that 44 producers from 18 Mérida communities are the first exponents of this Honey Fair ”, he highlighted.

He pointed out that the next editions of this fair would be held in the magical neighborhoods of the city, accompanied by artistic and cultural activities that attract a greater number of visitors.

“As a municipal government we know that honey producers need fair prices and new markets and, above all, have spaces for the sale and marketing of their products directly without intermediaries, thus, the Honey Fair is one more support for that the rural and productive sector grow evenly and with social justice”, he highlighted.

Likewise, he added that the planning of this first Honey Fair was advised by the Municipal Center for Entrepreneurs who provided training for the design of attractive marketing strategies for potential buyers.

Accompanied by the producers, the Director of Social Development, María José Cáceres Delgado, the Director of Economic Development and Tourism, José Luis Martínez Semerena, the Mayor cut the inaugural ribbon and visited the stands of the speakers to greet and meet the products on display.

At the Fair, the following were sold: honey sweets, syrups, creams, soaps, cosmetic products such as lipsticks, creams, multivitamins, wax, shampoo, conditioner, pollen, royal jelly and propolis among others.

María Anselma Pech Tzab, a Melipona honey producer from the Dzoyaxche community for 13 years, thanked the Mayor for keeping his word to create the Honey Fair.

“He gave us her word and she fulfilled it. She gave us a spectacular space like this to make ourselves known as producers, which will also encourage us to create more variety of products and to reach other markets, even abroad”, doña María Anselma stated.

For his part, Joel Méndez Cetz, a honey producer for five years from the San Ignacio Tesip community, said: “Thank you Mayor because this first Honey Fair is pulling one hundred percent.”

It is worth mentioning that the participating producers come from the following communities: Molas, Yaxnic, Dzoyaxché, San Ignacio Tesip, San José Tzal, Kikteíl, Komchén, Chablekal, Santa María, Yaxché, Xcunya, Chalmuch and Sierra Papacal and the “La Guadalupana” neighborhood.

Finally, the event was enlivened by the Jarana groups from the Integral Development Centers (CDI) of the Social Development Directorate, who performed dances and activities in the vicinity of the Fair.


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