More than 30 migrants from India detained in Yucatán

Photo: Milenio

March 28.- The Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) of Yucatan, together with the National Guard, intervened in a warehouse in the municipality of Uman, near Merida, where 32 migrants from India were seized.

In addition to these 32, 16 were previously seized in Campeche.

The authorities report that they have identified the “Polleros” smugglers who were transporting the Indians and are searching for them.

The report indicates that people on the highway from Umán to Mérida saw a large group of bearded men coming out of a warehouse-workshop, so they alerted the authorities.

The men were around a trailer inside the aforementioned large unit storage area and were secured by agents of the SSP Yucatan, National Guard, and Uman Municipal Police.

The 32 men were taken to the headquarters of the National Migration Institute (INM), while the two of the “Polleros”, apparently were able to escape in a van.

Before this case, there were reports of arrivals from India, Pakistan, and Lebanon to Belize, where they change their names and are brought into Yucatan, from where they seek to get to the Mexico-US border.

This is the largest detention of people from India in Yucatan ever. The INM authorities in the state mostly deal with Cubans, Central Americans, Colombians, and Venezuelans, but it is not usual to find people from India walking along the Uman-Merida highway in the broad daylight, under the Yucatecan sun.

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