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Pig farms are threatening Yucatan’s honey certification

by Yucatan Times
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Groups of beekeepers, activists and civil associations in the state of Yucatan expressed their indignation at the “dishonest campaign” of the pig farms located in the western part of the state, for trying to hide the destruction of the state’s natural resources that they carry out on a daily basis behind the façade of promoting beekeeping.

Through an official communiqué, signed by more than 60 environmental groups, honey producers and human rights defenders, they pointed out that the mega pig farm located in the municipality of Kinchil, also claims to be a “high quality” honey producer, which was even awarded the recognition of Good Livestock Practices for Honey Production by the General Livestock Coordination of the SADER.

“This position of the SADER contradicts the work done by SEMARNAT in the state to stop contamination and the illegal operation of pig farms,” the signatories state.

However, adds the document sent by Kaabnalo’on, beekeeping is being affected by the presence of farms in the region.

They state that according to testimonies from beekeepers in the municipalities of Maxcanú and Kinchil, the apiaries located within a range of up to 2 kilometers from the farms have hives with weak bee populations and a lower production than what is obtained in other areas.

In addition, they indicate that the establishment of pig and poultry farms encourages large-scale deforestation and the deterioration of the surrounding forests and bodies of water, most of which are illegal because they do not have the corresponding authorizations for changes in land use on forest land and environmental impact from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat).

“The most recent example is that of a farm owned by the company Crío on the outskirts of Kinchil, where more than 200 hectares have been deforested in an area with apiaries. Beekeeping cannot coexist with agro-industrial production systems,” adds the document.

Bees and honey production under threat

In view of this situation, beekeepers in Yucatán see honey production threatened and the certifying organizations have informed them that they will not be able to grant the organic seal to any apiary that is less than three kilometers from a farm.

“They have withdrawn certification from beekeepers in Maxcanú, and are recommending beekeepers throughout the state to move their apiaries so that they do not lose certification. These organizations verify compliance with various organic production regulations, such as the Organic Production Law and its regulations and guidelines; and the CERTIMEX standard, which is equivalent to the European standard,” they added.

They also indicated that the USDA-NOP certification is also at risk, since its requirements are stricter, indicating that no apiary can be within six kilometers of possible sources of contamination, such as farms.

Therefore, they demanded that the federal, state and municipal authorities of Yucatán guarantee the rule of law and respect for human rights, health, a healthy environment, water, territory and decent housing, in favor of the beekeepers and the communities that are being affected by the presence of the farms in the territory.

Among the signatories of the document are the Consejo Maya del Poniente Chik’in-já, the Colectivo de atención Comunitaria U YutzilKaajCantukun, Chencab Miel Be’e S.C de R.L, Colectivo Maya de los Chenes, Grupo Social Meyajtbil, Apicultores de Dzonot Carretero, Grupo Esperanza de Sitilpech, Guardianes de las Semillas del sur de Yucatán, Kanan Derechos Humanos A.C., Greenpeace, Asamblea de Defensores del Territorio Maya Múuch’ Xíinbal, Wootoch Ayim de Isla Arena, Haciendo Milpa A.C. and Alianza Selva Bonita de Felipe Carrillo Puerto, among many others.

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