Municipality improves public lighting in the streets of Progreso and Chicxulub Puerto

Progreso, Yucatán (February 20, 2021).- The head of Public Services and Ecology, the engineer Karim Dib López reported that municipal personnel attended to various issues this week, including the change of just over 80 lamps in the streets of Progreso and the port of Chicxulub; works that will continue in order to improve the public lighting service throughout the municipality.

“Through the ´Progreso para Todos´ program, we are addressing this issue, and thus bring order and provide service to more streets, not only in the municipal seat but also in the surrounding communities, places that Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi has entrusted us not to neglect ”, explained the municipal official.

In this context, at the Chicxulub Buenos Aires community, public lighting personnel were able to change 46 lamps on streets such as Calle 21 (between 22 and 24); Calle 17 (between 22 and 24); and Calle 21 (on the corner with 28), just to name a few. While, in Progreso, the crews did the same job on 41 light poles.

Dib López highlighted that an effort is being made to improve this service and thanks to the contribution of citizens in paying their taxes, the Progreso City Council is gradually addressing this need.

On the other hand, the municipal official mentioned that other of the works that the Public Services personnel also attended with opportunity was the cleaning and repair in areas that were affected by the cold front number 36, among them the rehabilitation of the photographic parador “Progreso” located at the beginning of the traditional boardwalk, since one of the letters detached from its base, which was placed again during the day.

Finally, Dib López calls on the population to avoid throwing garbage in the streets, “we will continue to repair sidewalks, ramps, potholes and remove waste and weeds from the streets, but it is very important that citizens participate, to stop littering. Let us respect the work of those who make a great effort to improve our streets’ conditions every day,” the official concluded.