Fernandez Noroña visits Merida, and Mayor wishes him a “brief” stay

Controversial representative Fernandez Noroña visits Merida, and Mayor Renan Barrera tweets: ” I know that representative Fernandez Noroña is visiting Merida, he has blocked me, therefore I can´t tell him that I wish him a brief and peaceful stay in our city“.

Faced with this situation, the PT deputy reacted by saying that the message of the mayor of Merida “cautious”.

“That my visit is peaceful; brief, why brief? That’s insolent! If I want to stay here in Merida for weeks, why can’t I? (…) Temporary and brief is the same. My dear mayor, buy yourself a thesaurus, ” Fernandez Noroña said on a live broadcast.

“We also hope that your municipal presidency will be temporary and brief,” Fernandez Noroña concluded.

After these words, Fernández Noroña announced that he would unblock Barrera Concha from Twitter, which he did hours later with the message: “Completed, I’m still following him.”

The congressman for the Partido del Trabajo (a leftist political party that operates in coalition with AMLO’s Morena), is holding a work tour of the state of Yucatan.

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