Goverment of Yucatan demands “Tren Maya” to go all the way to the port of Progreso

The technical secretary in Planning of the state government , Rafael Hernández Kotasek, revealed today that he requested to the federal government a modification in the line of the Maya Train in the route of Yucatan so that this service arrives at the port of Progreso, by its logistical importance and the development of the Yucatán’s Special Economic Zone in Progreso.

He says he has spoken with another two officials, regarding the expansion of the route, yet at this time he still has not received a concrete answer from the federal government.

From Maxcanu to Progreso

The request of the Maya Tran arriving in Progreso would involve a route departing out of the Maxcanú Railway Operations Center, passing through a station near Uxmal, Mérida and all the way to the main Yucatecan port.

He also requested that the number of stations in the State be increased from 3 to 5, in order to benefit  a greater number of towns with this railway project.

Rafael Hernández does not have data on how much this extension would cost. However, he considered that the state government would have to acquire land for the right of way, to construct a new section of rails and build a train station in Progreso.

TYT Newsroom with information from: Diario de Yucatan