2 pit bull attacks in less than a week in Yucatán

IZAMAL, YUC.- On Monday Feb. 26. a woman was seriously injured after being attacked by a pit bull in Izamal. Due to her injuries, the victim was taken to the Agustín O’Horán hospital in Mérida.

“According to eyewitnesses, the woman lost a lot of blood”, published Hola Yucatán website based in Motul.

The attack occurred around 7 pm, when Mrs. María Herminia Koyoc Burgos, age 48, was standing on 38th Street between 37 and 39, right in front a house in Izamal, where she worked as a domestic employee, when the dog broke out of another house nearby and went straight for Doña Herminia.

David Alejandro Rejón Canché, 38, declared to be the owner of the property and the pit bull.

Foto tomada de Hola Yucatán

Five days later, on March 2, Vector Yucatán reported the attack of a Pitbull in Colonia Polígono 108, Itzimná where a Pitbull dog  attacked a woman and her three dogs, two Yorkies and one mestizo, Yucatecan stray dog.

As a consecuence of this fierce attack one of the Yorkies died, the other two dogs and the o

The Pitbull tried to attack some young people who played basketball there until their owners arrived and managed to subdue it.
After more than an hour of bitter discussion between the owners of the Yorkie, as well as the third can hurt and the presence of the Secretary of Public Security, police officers managed to mediate between the parties, after warning that the aggressive can be made available of the police canine section if there is no agreement.

The owner of the Pitbull, locked it inside a compact vehicle. Locals surrounded the car to prevent the owner from taking it away. In the end the owner of the Pitbull had to leave as a guarantee of payment, the bills of a motorcycle and in that way to prevent his aggressive can be made available to the canine section of the SSP.

Nuevo ataque de un Pitbull, ahora en Mérida