Alert in Yucatan due to aircraft crash near the Alacranes reef

Maritime and naval authorities, as well as the fishing sector, are being mobilized to try to find the aircraft in Alacranes.

PROGRESO, YUCATAN.- Maritime and naval authorities undertook an operation to confirm and locate an aircraft that would have fallen into the sea on Sunday south of the Alacranes Reef .

The alert that reached the Port Authority of Yucalpetén was by radio and was in charge of fishing boat skippers that are working in the Alacranes area, located 130 kilometers north of this port.

The Yucalpetén Port Authority requested the support and collaboration of the “Evita” shipping agency, a radio base that has permanent contact with fishing boats, to find out and confirm the information received.

What kind of aircraft crashed in the Alacranes reef area?

Anilu Cetina Canto, director of the “Evita” base, immediately contacted the boats to collect information on the crash of the aircraft.

It is not known if it is a helicopter, small plane, or aircraft that fell into the sea, but the alert mobilized maritime and naval authorities, as well as the fishing sector, who communicate by radio with ship masters.

The Yucatan Times



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