Woman found dead in Chicxulub was recently detained for domestic violence

Photo: sipse

MÉRIDA, Yucatan – A few days after a fierce fight with her partner and being detained in the municipal jail of Progreso for assaulting him with a knife, María “N”, 37 years old, was found dead on Wednesday, March 8th, in the Chicxulub Pueblo community.

This morning her body was found hanging in a property in Chicxulub, and it is presumed that she had made an attempt on her life, although this has not been confirmed by the authorities.

According to information gathered at the scene, the macabre scene was discovered by neighbors in the area, who went to see the woman this morning and found her hanging, and the authorities were notified.
They also asked for help to the emergency units, who arrived at the site to carry out the necessary procedures.

Woman stabbed her sentimental partner

People close to the deceased said that she was going through a severe depression and that she was the partner of a man identified with the nickname of “El Chango”, whom she assaulted with a knife last Friday, March 3, for which she was arrested.

On that date, members of the Municipal Police of Progreso reported that they received a call for help, indicating that a man had been injured with a knife at the Health Center of the Chicxulub police station.

María “N” (Photo: Sipse)

The injured man said that moments before he had argued with his partner and for that reason, she grabbed a knife and stabbed him, causing an injury with significant bleeding, so he decided to go to the hospital for medical help.

The agents implemented a search operation until they reached 2nd Street, where they located Maria, who was arrested and taken to the public jail to answer for the acts of violence against her partner.

However, the woman was released after claiming self-defense, and only five days after her arrest she was released, although the cause of death will have to be confirmed by the relevant authorities.

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