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Traffic accidents increase in Progreso due to influx of visitors

by Yucatan Times
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Four accidents on the highway and one in the center of the city were registered since early yesterday morning. The factor was the arrival of up to 40 cars per minute full of families with reservations in hotels or rented houses in the coastal area, so as not to miss the carnival events that will be held starting this weekend.

The first incident occurred a few meters from the traffic circle located next to the tourist parador El Corchito, involving a Volkswagen with state plates ZAU-334-Z and an armored Jeep-type pickup truck, also with local license plate number YS2-310-C, driven by a senior citizen returning from the Chicxulub police station.

It was precisely the grandfather’s relatives who informed this newspaper that the driver was unharmed; however, he had a nervous breakdown that did not allow him to describe the reasons for his accident. However, he required the attention of paramedics to stabilize him, and even managed to avoid being taken to a hospital in the municipality.

The opposite happened with the other driver who had caused a collision by crossing from 46th street to try to take the road that connects the port of Chicxulub with the municipal capital. The Volkswagen vehicle ended up as a total loss and was towed away by a tow truck. The insurers were in charge of repairing the damage.

Motorcyclist to hospital

At about the same time, in the early hours of the morning, the driver of an Italika 125 motorcycle with license plates 21-DLZ-9 suffered several blows when he was hit by a Ranger pickup truck with license plates YU-8147-C, which did not respect a stop sign at 76th Street and 29th Street.

The blow between the two vehicles caused the motorcyclist to be hooked to the car, so that the driver of the two-wheeler ended up with a fracture in his left hand, which ended up trapped between the handlebars and the door of the pickup truck.

Given the seriousness of the matter, the motorcyclist had to be helped by the local Red Cross, who arrived at the site after receiving an emergency call from the neighbors, who said that during this Carnival it will be inevitable to have accidents of this type at this intersection, as it is a common exit for bathers who want to take the federal highway to Merida.

In a matter of minutes, the point was also full of curious onlookers who regretted the incident, especially because it has been the motorcycle drivers who are commonly run over by foreigners who come to the port without knowing the roads.

The neighbors said that the mishap was due in part to the fact that a black pickup truck was stopped almost at the corner of 29th and 76th, separated only a meter from the sidewalk, which reduced the visibility of the driver of the Ranger. The problem is also common in this corner of the first square of the city and port.

Crash at traffic lights

At noon on Thursday the point of collision was at the traffic lights located at 31st and 78th Street, right in the heart of downtown, as a black Ford car with license plates YTV-008-E, collided with a gray Volkswagen that was about to continue its course towards the west of the city.

Although it was only a minor collision between the two cars, this event was detrimental, since at that moment an operation was being carried out to avoid a traffic jam in the center of the city, it was impossible to achieve the objective, since with both cars static, the path of those who were behind them could not flow.

It was necessary for the Department of Experts of the Municipal Public Safety and Traffic Department to intervene in order to apply protocols and get both owners to reach an agreement to move their properties in the shortest possible time.

It is worth mentioning that not even the insurance companies intervened, the owners reached an agreement within minutes. However, the traffic jam could not be avoided even with the cars out of the point of collision, as the traffic flow in Progreso had increased since the morning.

Delivery driver injured

The influx of visiting families also began to take its toll on motorcyclists who were in the middle of their work, as is the case of delivery drivers, who usually drive at high speed to reach their destination.

An example of this occurred on 31st Street and 92nd Street with tourists who were on board a rented car, whose driver did not respect the stop sign at this intersection, which is also a high frequency point when it comes to road accidents.

The driver’s lack of knowledge of the traffic signals was paid for by a young motorcyclist who was driving on the avenue of 31st Street, as he could not avoid crashing into the larger car.

The first aid for the motorcyclist Alegario Dionisio, 26 years old, was provided by the Red Cross Progreso delegation, while the Municipal Police interfered in the repair of damages, with the participation of the company that rented the vehicle to the bathers.

In a past interview with the commander of the Municipal Police, Omar de la Cruz Herrera Cocom, it was confirmed that the number of vehicles arriving at the port today, tomorrow and the day after would be up to 50 units per minute, and precautions should be taken.

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