Vandalism during #8M feminist march damages the heritage of Mérida

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

Despite the ‘white balance’, meaning, no injuries, or situations to be regretted during the feminist demonstration on March 8, there were acts of vandalism against historical monuments, causing incalculable damage and notoriously affecting Paseo de Montejo, one of the main and most iconic avenues of Mérida.

(SSP) Mérida, Yucatán.- The monument to the Montejo, the monument to the flag, sidewalks, and roads, were affected with phrases such as “Not one more”, “you are the rapist”, “legal abortion”, “femicide status”, among others, which were painted on historical monuments, in what a large part of the population described as vandalism, violence, and ignorance.

The authorities did not oppose the graffiti during the march, and until now they have not revealed how the restoration process of the historical and tourist sites would take place, but a large investment will be neede in order to clean and restore the monuments.

TYT Newsroom