Carlos Romero Deschamps presents his resignation and ceases to be the leader of the Pemex Union

The president assured that the former oil leader was not pressured to resign and did so of his own free will. Photo (La neta noticias)

México, City (March 16, 2021).-President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that this Tuesday, March 16th, Carlos Romero Deschamps will resign as an active Pemex worker because it was immoral for him to be on vacation until 2024. In his press conference at the National Palace, the president denied that Romero Deschamps had been pressured to make that decision.

“As of today, Mr. Romero Deschamps has already presented his resignation, which means he ceases to be an active Pemex worker, he does so of his own free will and also by an exhortation that we made him reconsider on what is immoral ”, AMLO said.

On March 4, the head of the Executive offered to investigate if the oil union leader requested a vacation until 2024 to stay within the union. 

Romero Deschamps allegedly would have justified his vacation because when he was a union leader for more than 25 years he never took those days off, so he would return until 2024 when the López Obrador government will end. 

Regarding the investigations ongoing against the former oil leader, AMLO said that this corresponds to the Attorney General’s Office and the citizens who have filed lawsuits.

The president criticized that during the neoliberal period the leaders were protected and the workers were affected, in the case of Pemex they fired the base workers with permanent or temporary working licenses, and so the administrative structure of the so-called employees was increasingly enlarged.

He trusted that with the departure of Romero Deschamps a new democratic stage will open within the oil union.

Who is Romero Deschamps?

Carlos Romero Deschamps is one of the two union leaders that emerged during the government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Romero Deschamps relieved  Joaquín Hernández Galicia, known as “La Quina”, who was arrested more than 30 years ago, at the beginning of the Salinas de Gortari government (1988-1994), after five six-year terms as head of the Oil Workers Union of the Mexican Republic (STPRM).

But “La Quina” was not the only union leader “dethroned” during the Salinas government. Carlos Jonguitud, then leader of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), was also replaced by Elba Esther Gordillo.

The union leader of Pemex and Salinas de Gortari. Photo: (El Universal)

This fact was known as “el quinazo” and is called like that when a union leader falls from the grace of a government , as happened with Elba Esther Gordillo during the government of Enrique Peña Nieto. 

Since then, Romero Deschamps has remained at the top of the Pemex Union, despite the fact that he has been exhibiting an inordinate fortune for years, which has provoked opposition in the oil union.

In addition to being the leader of the oil union, Romero Deschamps has been a deputy and senator for the Institutional Revolution Party (PRI), with which he grew up politically and economically, since 1961.

Romero Deschamps and his daughter Paulina. Photo: (El universal)

The luxurious life of the children of Romero Deschamps

The opulent union leader reaped, throughout his more than 26 years of leadership, a series of scandals that included diversions of money, purchases of yachts and luxury properties, as well as pure gold watches.

However, not only Romero Deschamps liked luxury, but also his family. The former oil leader has three children, José Carlos, Paulina and Alejandro Romero Durán.

Both José Carlos and Paulina have been involved in scandals for the waste of money that they have shown on social networks.

In 2012, the national press exhibited the wealth that Paulina boasted about her life: trips in private jets around the world, purses of thousands of dollars, and other luxuries even for her dogs.

The Ferrari of Romero Deschamps’ son?

While José Carlos was exhibited as the owner of a red Ferrari Enzo, worth two million dollars, a gift from his father, Carlos Romero Deschamps.

However, shortly after it was claimed that the union leader’s son was captured in Monaco aboard a golden Ferrari, worth thousands of dollars. However, this fact was never confirmed by Romero Deschamps, who previously accepted that the other red Ferrari was his son’s.

At that time, there was much speculation whether the owner of the “golden” Ferrari was José Carlos Romero Durán or the son of the former Brazilian president, Lula da Silva.

The golden Ferrari that appears in this video is a California T model. Those that are not golden have a list price of $ 184,000 USD equivalent to 3.3 million pesos. Golden Ferraris, of course, are much more expensive.

Source: El Universal



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