Citizens denounce massive poisoning of domestic animals in Mérida

Photo: (Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (July 02, 2021).- Neighbors of the Villa Magna Poniente subdivision in Mérida, reported to the municipal authorities the poisoning of dogs and cats in the area, as they found several dead domestic animals, presumably with signs of poisoning.

Last Wednesday, June 30, five cats and two dogs were found dead on the corner of Calle 73D with 138C of the aforementioned residential area located on the west side of the city.

This situation alerted the locals, who reported the facts to the authorities, they said that they have been finding dead cats and dogs for two or three days in a row now.

In response to the complaint, police officers from the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) and the State Investigation Police (PEI) came to the scene to carry out the corresponding investigations.

Meanwhile, the settlers are organizing a file to present a formal complaint before the corresponding authorities and stop the extermination of domestic animals that is taking place in that area.

Source: Sipse