The presidential plane will be raffled: AMLO


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador informed that a prize of 2 billion pesos of the presidential plane will be raffled, distributed in 100 tickets of 20 million pesos each, and what will be obtained will be channeled in the purchase of medical equipment for public hospitals.

At a press conference, the head of the federal Executive indicated that the raffle will be held on Tuesday, September 15, at 8:00 p.m., at the headquarters of the National Lottery, and 6 million cachitos (tickets) will be sold, at a price of 500 pesos each, from which a profit of 3 billion pesos will be obtained.

The cachitos will be sold on March 1, he said.

Mexico’s National Lottery (Lotenal) will handle the logistics of the presidential plane raffle.

López Obrador said that while the plane is being sold, it will be possible to rent, and revealed that there is a contract to rent the aircraft to an individual who did not want to reveal his name.

He added that on February 12 a dinner will be held at the National Palace with businessmen who help sell the raffle tickets.

“I want to inform you that the decision was made, after analyzing queries, taking into account different points of view, the decision to raffle the plane has already been taken, and the money obtained will be used to buy medical equipment for the poor people of Mexico. This is a problem inherited by the Pharaonic governments, but the most important thing is that this money will be used for a very important humanitarian cause,” AMLO said.

The president explained that if a buyer appears, “it will be sold at an appraisal price.