Strong heat for Yucatan this Wednesday

Take precautions to follow the strong temperatures

MÉRIDA, Yucatan.- The weather in Yucatan this Wednesday, June 9, will continue to be hot and with some scattered showers.

The establishment of a trough over the Yucatan Peninsula in interaction with the entry of tropical maritime air from the Caribbean Sea into the region, will cause potential for intervals of showers with scattered thunderstorms in the northeast, center and southwest of Yucatan.

Temperatures will be hot to very hot during the day and warm at night.

Highs will be 34 to 38 degrees throughout Yucatan and thermal sensation could exceed 40 degrees.

In Merida, highs will be 34 to 37 degrees, with thermal sensation that could also exceed 40 degrees.

There will be a significant increase in rainfall over the next few days in the Peninsula, to such an extent that in some cases it could be intense, rainfall will be heavy to very heavy, especially in the center, south and southwest.

Even if no tropical system develops, conditions for the following days and the weekend will be favorable for significant rainfall.