Free health services provided for the south of the state

Free medical care offered to the Oxkutzcab municipality.

OXKUTZCAB, YUCATAN.- The municipal authorities initiated the Municipal Community Health project in the community of Xul.

The service will be offered free of charge in the 12 comisarías and later in the municipal seat of Oxkutzcab.

General medical attention, psychological and dental health and food nutrition will be provided.

Xul is located 139 kilometers (86 miles) south of Mérida (INEGI)

Mayor Raúl Romero Chel explained that health is one of the main basic services and no resources will be spared to bring these services to families throughout the municipality.

“This is in addition to the medical clinic so that the people who need it most have access to improve their health,” he said.

The Municipal Community Health project began in the Xul police station and will later be implemented in Yaxhachén, Xohuayán, Huntochac, Emiliano Zapata, Yaxhom, San José Kuncheil, Crucero Tabi, X’potoit, Kobenhaltún, Bombahaltún and Loltún, as well as in the neighborhoods of the municipal capital.

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