SSP agents rescue workers held inside a property in Mérida’s San Sebastián neighborhood

Authorities of the Yucatan State Government report that during a police operation in San Sebastián (downtown Merida), at least 8 people were arrested who allegedly was holding a group of workers against their will and that, according to one of the victims, they were forced to extend working hours indefinitely and were not allowed to leave the premises.

One of the workers managed to escape from the property at dawn and went directly to the Prosecutor’s Office to file a complaint, where he stated that two of his companions were subjected to mistreatment and feared for their lives.

Given this situation, the FGE, in coordination with agents of the State Investigation Police (PEI) of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), went to the scene and arrested subjects who were about to board their vehicles to flee and provided assistance to the people who were inside.

State authorities specified that since it is an ongoing investigation: “it is not possible at the moment to provide more information.”

Neighbors claimed to see armed individuals arrive at the property, including one who tried to flee through the roofs and was injured.

TYT Newsroom