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Foods To Avoid and Those To Eat When You Suffer From Excessive Gas

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Everyone gets stomach gas, a condition that is just so common that everyone experiences it almost daily. Here’s a hilarious(depending on how you take it) but interesting fact as far as people and passing of gas go. Did you know that most people pass gas between 14 and 23 times a day, on average? Well, I guess now you do. Are you one of them? Well, you can save the answer for another day. For now, let’s just focus on how to manage this condition with food as opposed to focusing on how many times you pass gas in a day.

To start with, stomach gas can occur in varying degrees. In other words, it can be mild, moderate or so severe that it causes a painful discomfort. Though mild and moderate gas, most of the time, is food-related, severe and painful gas normally isn’t. Instead, it’s usually a sign of a very serious health problem that needs to be addressed by seeing your doctor. If you suffer from it, therefore, be sure to visit your physician. For those who struggle with mild or moderate stomach gas, here are the foods to embrace alongside the foods to stay away from, and why.

Food To Stay Away from When You Suffer From Stomach Gas
First, let me clarify that I’m not saying that you should avoid the following foods due to stomach gas. That’s because some of them are important sources of nutrients that are crucial for us. What I’m saying is that you should stay away from them only during the moment you are experiencing gas.

1. Beans
Though delicious(of course, if cooked the right) and healthy, beans can also be a notorious agent not only for stomach gas but also bloating problems. This is especially if the legumes are eaten in the wrong combinations such as beans and boiled eggs. That’s because both beans and eggs contain high amounts of different substances that are responsible for the above problems. For example, beans are high in a complex sugar known as “raffinose,” which the stomach has trouble digesting. As such, the sugar passes through the small intestines into the large intestines where it’s broken down by bacteria, carbon iv oxide, hydrogen gas, and methane gas. All these gases have to come out of the body through the rectum and this is what farting or passing of gas entails.

2. Milk and Dairy Products
You don’t want to take milk or milk products when you suffer from what is called “lactose intolerance,” which means that your body isn’t able to digest lactose effectively. Made up of glucose and galactose units, lactose is a sugar present in milk and dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Now, nearly 65% of adults globally have lactose intolerance.

In people with lactose intolerance, the stomach has trouble breaking down and absorbing this disaccharide due to the lack of a special enzyme known as “lactase.” Lactase is responsible for breaking down lactose and facilitating the process of the resulting substance getting absorbed into the body. Consequently, the undigested lactose travels to the colon where it is fermented by the bacteria that live in the organ. This process results in gas.

3. Wholegrains
Whole grains are a big NO when you suffer from too much gas. Common grains like oats and wheat contain raffinose and gluten, a special kind of protein. Each compound is difficult to digest in the stomach. As such, each compound ends up in the large intestine where it is forcefully broken down by the bacteria, resulting in carbon iv oxide, methane, and hydrogen gas.

Foods To Eat When You Suffer from Stomach Gas
Eating the following foods when your stomach is full of gas will alleviate the problem, giving you much relief;

1. Clove
Clove is a well-known spice used to add flavor to many dishes. Besides its flavor addition benefits, this spice can also be a great remedy for excessive stomach gas. Of course, you can’t eat it on its own. However, if you can, the better.

Eat a delicacy that is made with it among other ingredients. You can get many recipes that include clove as an ingredient from your meal kit delivery service. Entities such as Home Chef, Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Hello Fresh, Purple Carrot, and more all offer mouthwatering recipes with ingredients that include clove.

You can check out this fresh, new post that was published only a few days ago, to get to learn more about these entities and others. See what sets each meal kit delivery service apart from the rest and discover more about each service.

2. Bananas
Bananas are a great remedy for stomach gas. These fruits provide a huge relief from gas by improving digestion. That reduces the number of undigested foods that may otherwise end up being broken down in the colon by bacteria and different gases being released in the process.

3. Beets
Did you know that beets are among the foods that can help with gas? Well, these vegetables are high in potassium, a crucial nutrient that can provide relief from excess stomach gas. They simply work by counteracting sodium in your body, which is otherwise a well-known agent for gas and bloating.

Beets can be consumed in many different ways. For example, they can be included in smoothies and vegetable salads, baked to make beet fries, or roasted with a tray of vegetables to make a sumptuous meal.

Final Thoughts
Having stomach gas not only can cause discomfort and pain, but it can also create embarrassment or confrontation. Some people may laugh at you whereas others may confront you for passing gas. Stomach gas can be caused by several things from eating the wrong food combinations to having an underlying health condition. Either way, eating some foods and avoiding some foods can go a long way if you regularly get gas.

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