It all starts with the story of a couple, where one was the joy, known in Maya as Ki’ikmakkun. While she was known as the fan, which in Maya would be named Pikit.

Both possessed a pure and intense love, something that seemed to have annoyed more than one person. In this case, it was the evil spirit of Sac Muyal, who watched with great envy until he decided to intervene.

To end that love, he decided to kidnap Pikit. It didn’t take long for Ki’ikmakkun to realize that his beloved was nowhere to be found. So he decided to embark on the journey to find her.

His search was futile, which led him to despair and sadness; but at that moment, a snake appeared. The reptile claimed to know where the princess was, but to help him he had to offer her some of his blood.

In his desperation, the young man agreed and fed the snake, who gave him a new direction. But the problems for Ki’ikmakkun would not end there, as on the way there was a cliff he had to climb.

At that moment, someone else appeared to help him, in this case, an old woman. She gave him some of her hair, with which they could finish climbing the winding path ahead.

The snake and Ki’ikmakkun continued walking, but now they found a river that they could not cross. To remedy it, a deer appeared in front of them.

He gave them a solution that a good way was to throw a rock into the river. He did it and mysteriously, he was already on the other side. Without thinking much about how everything worked, he continued walking.

The adventure of Ki’ikmakkun continues.

He kept walking and now he met an eagle. The bird told him about the dangers that lay ahead, so she offered him one of her claws to defend himself. The young man, grateful, took the improvised weapon and continued on his way.

Walking and to his misfortune, a drop of sap fell in his eyes, leaving him blind instantly. To help him, a small beetle passed by and offered him some soil, telling him that it would relieve his blindness.

Fortunately, it happened, so he could continue his journey.

Upon arriving, he found a cave where everyone who had helped him was gathered: the snake, the beetle, the deer, the eagle and even the old woman.

They told him that they represented how he had followed his heart and that by obeying, he could now save his beloved Pikit.

Upon entering the cave, they were mysteriously transported back home. Where he was already safe with his beloved.