Fire consumes underbrush on Buctzotz-Tizimín highway

On the Buctzotz – Tizimin federal highway at kilometer 92 at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, a forest fire was reported to the emergency number and the fire devastated everything in its path.

For this reason the municipal civil protection brigades were notified and immediately went to the site to fight the fire. With the help of water pumps they began to fight the fire, but it is unknown how it started.

The forest fire in the area still continues, it was necessary the support of several elements of civil protection to support the work to quell the fire, where several people are working.

During this hot season, forest fires are common due to the high temperatures that prevail and affect the population due to the abundant heat.

This wildfire produced a lot of smoke which hindered the visibility of drivers traveling on the road.

Drivers noticed the forest fire and reduced their speed due to the smoke. The fire consumed the completely dry undergrowth razing everything in its path, the civil protection brigades with their teams are given the task of quenching the fire.

The strong winds that prevailed are fanning the fire and causing some difficulty in the work of extinguishing the blaze for the civil protection staff.

Local people were alerted by the proximity of the fire to their properties, but the brigadistas are fighting the fire.

TYT Newsroom