Authorities from the municipality of Valladolid carried out an arduous task to rescue five puppies that had fallen into a cenote, located in the center of the Yalcobá police station.

The event was reported by the public while they requested support from the municipal agents, who, upon learning of what happened, went to the scene.

Realizing that they could not rescue the canines with their tools, the officers asked the staff of the “Palomitas” cenote for support since they have knowledge and have specialized rescue equipment for such situations.

They immediately approached the cenote in coordination with the firefighters of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) where after several minutes the rescue of the five dogs was achieved, which were brought to safety, however, only one had an owner.

The pets are already safe at said police station, thanks to the work of the emergency services and altruistic people who approached.

TYT Newsroom

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