Patty Azcagorta’s “visual” strategy to become the next mayor of Caborca, Sonora

Patty Azcagorta, a pre-candidate for the city of Caborca, Sonora, that is running for mayor representing Movimiento Ciudadano political party, has stolen glances from men all over Mexico because of her beauty and “good taste” for taking care of her physical appearance.

There are already several media outlets that have set the spotlight on the contender for the mayoralty of Caborca.

However, it is striking that little is known about her political background and preparation, without neglecting that her work plan is not known in search of the mayor of the municipality of Sonora.

In her official networks that link her to the “Orange Movement” (Movimiento Naranja is the motto of the Movimiento Ciudadano political party), her activity is scarce, you can hardly see some “posts”, as well as a video in which she sends an invitation to her followers to accompany her to her registration as a precandidate to the municipal presidency on Friday, January 12.

Patty Azcagorta’s “visual” strategy to win the Municipal Presidency of Caborca, Sonora (Photo: 24 horas)

Azcagorta declared to the local media of ther hometown Caborca: “I am a lawyer, I studied at the Universtiy of Sonora Campus Caborca, I worked as a civil servant in the Civil Registry for almost five years. I am part of the Confederation of Lawyers in Sonora ”

Although, it seems like her strategy is more “visual”…

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