Yucatan’s new International Congress Center in final stages of construction

There only resto to complete the final works (Photo: Yucatán a la Mano)

Workers are wrapping up the last details and the placement of the equipment in time to open in the first quarter of 2018….

MERIDA — With the interior lining of walls and ceilings, as well as the placement of floors, carpets and interior materials, as well as the installation of electrical equipment, fire and voice and data, the International Congress Center of Yucatan Powered by Samsung is in the process of being finished and is ready to enter functions during the first quarter of next year.

During a visit of Eric Rubio Barthell, the General Coordinator of State Government Advisers, to the new building, which will be complemented by the modernization of Colón and Cupules avenues, as well as 60 and 62 streets, the official observed the work and the security conditions in place by the personnel in charge of the construction of the property.

There are only a few projects remaining to complete before opening early 2018. (Photo: Yucatán a la Mano)

In this regard, it was explained that since the beginning of the project, a Safety and Hygiene Commission was appointed, which ensures that the workforce has the necessary equipment to protect its integrity such as helmets, life harnesses and cables, and that the corresponding standards are complied to avoid accidents.

Accompanied by the Secretary of Public Works, Daniel Quintal Ic, Rubio Barthell supervised on the ground floor the main room where there will be installed about two thousand 500 square meters of mobile walls that will divide this space with capacity for six thousand people in six different halls with 1,000 capacity each and up to 12 with capacity for 500 attendants.

It was also detailed that in the upper floor there will be two halls for with seating for two thousand persons each, which can be organized in up to 16 spaces for simultaneous activities, with all the general services and what is necessary for any size of event.

In addition to the progress, Quintal Ic stated that in the case of roofs they used a special material to avoid moisture and fungi concentration. With this, it is guaranteed that they will not be damaged by the effects of the air conditioning.

During the tour of the area where the mezzanine of 560 square meters will be, with six offices for the management, the official stressed that in the same way they are already working on the placement of information screens where will be displayed the schedules and the names of the halls where each act will be performed.

Regarding the exterior work, he added that the only remaining tasks are to finish the sidewalks, the open areas and painting, which is expected to be ready later this year.

Source: www.yucatanalamano.com