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Chichén Itzá, Uxmal and Ek-Balam among the top ten archaeological sites in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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According to the most recent results of visitor statistics from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), Yucatán has three of the most visited archaeological zones in the entire country, and this is due not only to the beauty of the Mayan constructions but also to the exuberant nature that surrounds them and the hundreds of attractions that this destination has to offer, such as paradisiacal beaches, magical cenotes, imposing henequen haciendas, Magic Towns, a beautiful cosmopolitan city and above all security throughout the state.

Yucatán is home to a great legacy left by the Mayan People, where their culture, language and traditions are kept alive through its inhabitants and the archaeological vestiges that rise magnificent and imposing in the lands of the deer and the tapir.

Obviously Chichén Itzá is in first place on this list; One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, this site shows you its imposing pyramids and majestic sculptures that tell very interesting secrets. Furthermore, it is an example of how the native peoples of Yucatán were expert astronomers, leaving as a legacy the pyramid of Kukulcán, considered the largest “calendar” in the world, which year after year during the spring and autumn equinoxes offers one of the most impressive archaeo-astronomical light shows.

After visiting this wonder of the world you will be able to get to know the work of Efraín Cetz, a Mayan artisan highly recognized for the quality of his work finely made in wood, with whom, in addition to touring his workshop where he makes all his works by hand, you will be able to get to know his two Mayan houses where he resides and where he eventually rents them for overnight stays; These houses were built with materials from the region such as wood, stone and huano (a type of palm) especially so that the guest can learn about Mayan architecture.

An option at night is to visit Chichen Itzá and appreciate the Nights of Kukulkan, a videomapping show where you can enjoy learning about how impressive the Mayan civilization was.

Also, very close to Chichen Itzá and a great option for tourism is to visit the Magical Town of Valladolid, a city founded in 1543 in what was the beautiful town of Zací (Gavilán Blanco), and which to date has a great historical legacy. cultural that fuses the splendor of the colonial era with the mysticism of the Mayan World, over the years it has been known by different names, highlighting “La Sultana Del Oriente”, the “Pearl of the Orient” or the “Heroica Zací”, a town that makes you fall in love with its colonial streets adorned by its mansions and historic buildings.

The second archaeological zone is Uxmal, one of the main archaeological sites where the monumental urban conception and impressive architecture is embellished with its ornamentation resulting from the hard work and talent of the Mayan People. These characteristics, as well as its undeniable historical value, have earned it recognition. as a World Heritage Site.

This Mayan city is surrounded by immense vegetation that, together with the sounds of nature, surround it with mysticism, making it the ideal setting to enjoy the Echoes of Uxmal every night, a fascinating show full of magic where the sounds will guide you. throughout a narrative full of legends and stories of the daily life of a Mayan people that now lies hidden in the vestiges of this enigmatic city.

Last but not least, we have Ek Balam, one of the archaeological centers of Yucatán considered the great capital of the Tah empire, to which the inhabitants of the coastal region paid tribute. It is said that 12 to 18 thousand inhabitants lived in this city and that it was founded by Ek Balam or Coch Cal Balam who would be its governor for almost 40 years. The also called Acropolis is also distinguished by an elevated and fortified basement more than 160 meters long by almost 70 wide and 31 high, being one of the largest and most imposing Mayan buildings in all of Yucatan.

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