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Civil groups form an alliance to combat wildlife trafficking

by Yucatan Times
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Facing the beginning of the reproductive season of Psittaciformes (parrots, parakeets, and macaws) and other species of wildlife in Mexico, civil groups have made an alliance to launch the campaign No compres pericos sivlestres (“Do not buy wild parrots”), which seeks to inhibit the trafficking of endangered animal species.

Due to the large profits this criminal activity leaves traffickers, what should be cause for hope (the reproductive stage) today becomes the saddest season for endangered species and wildlife in general, given the exponential increase in illicit activities such as trafficking and illegal trade of endangered species.

The groups Proyecto Santa María (from Yucatán), Bosque Antiguo, Defenders of wildlife, Txori Ornithological Foundation, Reintroduction of the Scarlet Macaw in Los Tuxtlas, Huasteca Potosina Bird Observatory, Salvando al Loro Huasteco, Society of Ornithologists Psittacidae, Teyeliz, and VIDAS – they all participate in this interdisciplinary effort for environmental and social development.

The campaign is aimed at inhibiting the trafficking and illegal trade of fauna and in particular of wild parrots in Mexico.

One of the most important points is the awareness of society, which most of the time is unaware of the processes and motivation of these activities that are causing the extinction of wildlife species in Mexico.

It also seeks to motivate the environmental authorities in Mexico to take measures and listen to the voices that ask for concrete actions and, above all, attention to an issue that has been minimized in the best of cases but not addressed, since the seizures of fauna in Mexico are the product of fortuitous actions and not of investigations to combat them.

This campaign will have audiovisual material (videos, posters, spots) in Spanish and in the Mayan language that will be taken to critical communities for activities and dissemination that inhibit these activities.

The messages are especially aimed at children since it is a group used for theft and commerce because it is an unimpeachable population.

The associations hope to have the support of the media and society for the dissemination of this campaign that contributes to the protection of wildlife in Mexico.

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