Hoteliers and restaurateurs in Calakmul foresee an unfair competition due to the Tren Maya Hotel

Photo: La Jornada Maya

After confirming the construction of the Tren Maya Hotel in Calakmul, hotel, restaurant and service entrepreneurs in the municipality said that this will bring unfair competition because international and national tourism will want to stay in the hotel, which will be 10 kilometers away from the heart of the reserve, to those that will be more than 60 kilometers away.

Baltazar González Zapata, hotel businessman, explained that there are 10 hotels, 15 restaurants, hundreds of transportation companies and dozens of tourist guides that will be affected by the operation of a tourist property near the archeological and tourist complex of the Tren Maya Hotel, which means that approximately 2,000 people will be directly affected, plus hundreds more indirectly as suppliers.

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