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Yucatan with historic growth in employment and investment

by Yucatan Times
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In a joint effort between the Yucatecans and the government of Mauricio Vila Dosal, Yucatán is experiencing a historic moment of change and transformation, where the priority is to generate investments and employment for the entire region, reducing economic inequality and bringing opportunities to every corner of the state.

The year 2023 marked a milestone in the history of Yucatán with the largest generation of formal jobs, exceeding 440,900 workers insured by the IMSS. This achievement positions the state among the first three districts in the country with the highest employment growth, showing a real commitment to equitable development.

Previously, jobs were concentrated in Mérida but now, for every job generated in the capital, two are opened in the interior of the state, allowing more people to find opportunities without having to travel far from their communities.

Higher-income growth

In 2022, the highest income growth in the history of Yucatán was achieved, with an impressive 17%, exceeding 54% more than the national average. This increase in income translates into a significant improvement for the most vulnerable families, with an advance of 44.5%, according to the 2022 National Household Income and Expenditure Survey.

Vila investments jobs

The focus on reducing inequality has led to lower-income population groups experiencing historic growth of 150%, far exceeding the national increase of 18.3%.

These achievements are due to the promotion policy of Yucatán that has attracted unprecedented national and foreign investments.

More than 350 new business projects

Yucatán has more than 350 new projects from important companies such as Airbus, Mercado Libre, Amazon, Walmart, Heineken, Accenture and Warbird Marine Holdings, representing an investment of more than 150 billion pesos.

In addition, the state has stood out in nearshoring, ranking third nationally with 8% of the total relocations of production centers in Mexico, only behind Nuevo León and Coahuila. Key projects, such as the Combined Cycle plants, the expansion of the natural gas pipeline, and the Maya Train, strengthen Yucatán’s competitiveness.

The commitment of the Vila Dosal government is also reflected in the support for companies and entrepreneurs through MicroYuc, the promotion of Yucatán Expone in various parts of the country and the world, and the implementation of infrastructure projects that will promote economic and commercial development. of the state.

Vila Dosal continues to lay the foundation for a more competitive, fair, and prosperous Yucatan, where each achievement represents another step towards sustainable growth and continuous improvement for all Yucatecans.

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