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Academy Award winner Jodie Foster talks about her connection with Mexico

by Yucatan Times

Since she was a child, Jodie Foster has been familiar with Mexican culture. Her origin in Los Angeles, California, gave her and her family the necessary closeness to recognize even the food of Mexico.

I love carnitas, my mother loves them too and she gave them to us at least twice a week,” the actress shared in a meeting with the media.

But it is not only Mexican food, the culture, and the cosmogony – which are undoubtedly perceived in the last work in which he participated – is something that he considers unique and from which the Western world should learn.

The way they perceive death is something really beautiful that I think we should learn in the Western world because the faster we do it, the better… because we are all going there.

“I was in Pátzcuaro on the Day of the Dead (last November during my participation in the Morelia Film Festival) and it was an incredible experience that I will truly never forget”. “Spending time with all these people who are with their families at the graves with the candles and the flowers and the food, going to the houses to honor the dead, is something truly special,” she stated.

The first season of the acclaimed crime drama “True Detective” premiered on HBO 10 years ago. And while the fourth season of the anthology series — kicking off this Sunday, January 14th — looks very different, Mexican filmmaker Issa López says that the stories for both seasons are connected.

“I thought that what had made ‘True Detective’ so unique was this backdrop of a world where you could feel the secrets brewing under the surface, in a corner of America you don’t often see portrayed in media,” López said in an interview with NBC News.

López is the showrunner, writer, and director of the fourth chapter of “True Detective,” which is subtitled “Night Country.”

And, she says, she wanted to tap into those brewing secrets to create a new story about two detectives that also call back to Season 1.

“Night Country” introduces detectives Liz Danvers (played by Jodie Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (played by Kali Reis) as they partner up to solve a case about eight male scientists who disappeared from a research station in northwest Alaska.

Show runner  Issa López  works on the set of "True Detective: Night Country."
Showrunner, writer, and director Issa López on the set of “True Detective: Night Country.”Lilja Jons / HBO

As evidence surfaces, viewers will see both detectives get entangled in another unsolved case about a missing Indigenous woman.

Seasons 1 and 4 are in many ways inverted images of each other. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson inaugurated the series in a humid, sunlit Louisiana bayou, while Foster and Reis carry out their investigation in a cold, dry tundra that can see weeks of uninterrupted night in winter.

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