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“AcompañARTE” at the “Municipal Art Gallery” of the City of Mérida Museum

by Yucatan Times
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For Mayor Alejandro Ruz Castro, it is essential to introduce young people to the world of art to give them tools to express themselves and form more creative, sensitive people, with human quality and a greater capacity. for conflict resolution in all areas of their personal lives.

Among the activities of the Mérida Fest 2024, the pictorial exhibition “AcompañARTE” was inaugurated in the “Municipal Art Gallery” of the Museum of the City of Mérida, which takes references from the cubism of the artist Pablo Picasso, as well as the premise that abstraction is a form of individual and pure expression.

This project is designed as a joint effort, where emerging and established artists in painting assist, motivate, and guide students with a disability or disorder, forming a team that will be reflected in artistic works.

The Mayor pointed out that this exhibition contributes to the line of action “Artistic Inclusion” promoted by the Municipal Council for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities, and also consolidates the work carried out by the Directorate of Culture by adding participation to this sector of the population. in your program of activities.

“These works represent in themselves the great capacity of this group of people in the field of art and culture, as well as show their artistic talent and make visible the potential that their works have,” he said.

Ruz Castro added that the 41 works that make up the pictorial exhibition are the result of the guidance and advice they received from their “godfathers”, already established artists, who were generously willing to accompany them in this new experience of their lives.

Representing the Municipal President, his wife, Verónica Cetina Arjona, President of the Municipal DIF, expressed that through “AcompañARTE” the powerful synergy that is created when artists and people with disabilities work together to give life to creative projects is appreciated.

“Let’s imagine a canvas where each brushstroke represents the uniqueness of each individual, where the color palette reflects the richness of our shared experiences. On this canvas, artists not only paint with their hands but also with their stories, their emotions, and their unique perspectives,” he stated.

Likewise, he asserted that the Municipal DIF will continue to work in unity to create a city where each brushstroke tells a story of inclusion, empowerment, and celebration of diversity.

Representing her colleagues, Wilma Barreiro Mendoza, a student at the Integrarte Inclusive Academy, thanked the City Council for creating these spaces so that people with disabilities can express themselves freely.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I share with you the excitement we feel about this project and also our gratitude to the artists and teachers involved. We hope you enjoy the exhibition and the work we did with great love,” she expressed.

Students from the Teletón Children’s Rehabilitation and Inclusion Center (CRIT Yucatán), “Semillero Creativo” of Mérida, and the “Academia Inclusiva Integrarte” participated in this artist exhibition.

It is worth remembering that The House of Culture for People with Disabilities was inaugurated on August 16, 2002, and currently provides services to 60 students, including young people and adults with and without disabilities in the disciplines of Painting, Manual Arts, Piano, Guitar, Mexican Dance, Theater and Dance; in addition to the Macramé and Watercolor Workshops.

Finally, the event was attended by the directors Silvia Sarti González, from the Municipal DIF, and Irving Berlin Villafaña, from Culture, and Rodolfo Baeza, Yucatecan painter and teacher accompanying the exhibition.

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1 comment

suika game January 14, 2024 - 9:44 pm

The project is great, I’ve been here before and looked at some amazing paintings


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