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Residents of Progreso accumulate 4 Guinness World Records

by Yucatan Times
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With two Guinness records that young Progreseño Cándido Alfonso Dzul Eb obtained in Mexico City a few days ago, Progreso already has four recognitions of this type, a mark that very few places have achieved.

The man from Progreso set the records for the largest mural made up of decorated balloons and for the largest number of people working on balloon sculptures.

Progreso’s first record was for the largest Cochinita Pibil, and the second was for the longest dock.

Pride in their achievements

The first of the four Guinness records held by Progreso was obtained by chef Cristina Cruz, who in 2016 participated in the preparation of the Largest Cochinita Pibil in the World, which weighed just over six tons.

The second was a few months ago for The Longest Pier in the World, which is the viaduct of the tax dock.

The third and fourth were recorded by the young Cándido Alfonso Dzul Eb, who obtained them in Mexico City at an event about decorated balloons.

Alfonso said in an interview that he feels happy with what was achieved since it was a great job carried out by a huge group of people who, according to him, are like a family.

When remembering his beginnings in the profession he performs as a decorator, he indicated that he has been in that world for two years. When he began taking courses and preparing, he said, it was then that he began to meet people not only from Yucatan but from other places, which is why he has been able to participate in events such as Globofest 2023 and other conventions related to balloon decoration.

From there he decided to start his business, which has given him good results so far.

Guinness Record for one more Progreso resident

Thanks to the above, he was able to meet the people who took on the task of forming the team of 467 Mexicans who came together to achieve the great feat of printing their names in the Guinness Book of Records, after four days of work – from November 7 to 10—in which several teams dedicated themselves to the creation of the enormous 500-square-meter mural.

The young man recalled that in total there were three Yucatecans who participated in the feat: his friend María Lucía Méndez Puc, from the municipality of Hunucmá; Genny Huchim Ciau from Valladolid and him.

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