Teenagers caught on camera killing a cat in Flamboyanes, Progreso

Photo: Por Esto

Another act of animal cruelty is caught on camera in the state of Yucatán.

During, the night of Wednesday, November 15th, shortly before 11 pm, at the Flamboyanes community, municipality of Progreso, the security cameras of a private property captured two subjects attacking a small cat, owned by Alexander J.T.

He reported that the small feline left his house, but was caught by two teenagers who were walking down the street.

The footage shows two local kids, between 14 and 16 years old, who were walking on 60-C Street between 55-B and 55-C.

As seen in the video, one of them is holding the kitten. The cat tries to escape, but he grabs it by the leash, spins it around in the air, and slams it to the ground.

The video shows that the aggressor’s leash slips from his hands, which the animal takes advantage of to escape. However, according to the owner’s story, the small pet did not resist the blow and was left dying on the sidewalk, losing its life.

Residents of the area who heard the cat’s meow left their houses, so the suspects, who were not identified, left the area.

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