Pregnant women in Yucatan are invited to take care of their mental health (IMSS)

Pregnant woman (Photo: archive)

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Yucatan provides recommendations and guidance on some of the services it offers to strengthen mental health.

Mental health care is essential for the wellbeing, development and functioning of all people, however, some women experience different emotions due to the numerous hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy; registering slight and transitory alterations such as sadness, crying, anguish and difficulty in bonding with their child; to situations that last longer and require specialized care such as prenatal depression (during pregnancy) or postpartum depression.

The head of the Medical Management Coordination Office, Dr. Rebeca Zetina Muñoz, explained that because during pregnancy and after childbirth there are multiple hormonal changes in women’s bodies, in some cases, depression, anxiety or other disorders can occur which, without proper follow-up, can affect the mother’s overall wellbeing.
On the other hand, if they last for a prolonged period of time, it is important to seek counseling and/or specialized treatment,” explained Dr. Zetina. Some of the indicators of mental health complications are: sudden mood changes, inability to concentrate, increased anxiety levels, changes that affect the mother’s normal sleeping, resting and eating patterns, fear or sadness, isolation behaviors or behaviors that interfere with the mother’s willingness to take care of her health and/or that of her children.

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