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Cottage Core Aesthetic Trend

by Sofia Navarro
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Cottagecore is a cultural aesthetic that romanticizes rural life, simplicity, and nostalgia. It is a celebration of traditional lifestyles, from the traditional crafts of knitting and crocheting to gardening, baking, and homemaking. The term “cottagecore” was coined in 2018, but the aesthetic has roots in the pastoral art of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Cottagecore is a reaction to the fast-paced, technology-driven modern world. In contrast, the aesthetic emphasizes slow living, spending time in nature, and the joys of simple pleasures. It is a yearning for a simpler, more authentic way of life, one that values self-sufficiency, community, and nature.

The cottagecore aesthetic is characterized by a love of the natural world, including plants, flowers, animals, and landscapes. The color palette is soft and muted, featuring shades of cream, beige, pale pink, and green. Patterns often include floral prints, gingham, and calico. The clothing is usually made of natural fibers like cotton, wool, and linen, and often features lace, ruffles, and embroidery.

Cottagecore is not just an aesthetic, but also a lifestyle. It emphasizes the value of handmade goods and traditional skills, such as knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. Gardening is also a central component of cottagecore, with an emphasis on growing and preserving one’s own food. Cooking and baking are also important activities, with an emphasis on using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients.

One of the most significant aspects of the cottagecore movement is its celebration of community. Cottagecore enthusiasts often form close-knit communities centered around shared interests, such as crafting, gardening, and cooking. These communities often meet in person or online, sharing tips, techniques, and inspiration.

In recent years, cottagecore has become a popular trend among young people, especially on social media. The hashtag #cottagecore has over 7 million posts on Instagram, with users sharing images of themselves in flowy dresses, tending to gardens, and enjoying simple pleasures. The aesthetic has even inspired fashion collections, such as Gucci’s 2020 resort collection, which featured flowing dresses, ruffles, and floral prints.

Some critics argue that cottagecore is a form of escapism, romanticizing a past that never existed. They point out that rural life can be challenging, with limited access to resources and opportunities. However, supporters argue that cottagecore is not about idealizing the past, but rather about finding joy and fulfillment in the present.

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