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DJ Steve Aoki “caked” Campeche Mayor Biby Rabelo

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The mayor of Campeche, Biby Rabelo, received a cake in the face from Steve Aoki during the DJ’s presentation at the Carnival of Joy

The DJ, Steve Aoki, performed with great success at the Campeche Carnival of Joy, where he threw a cake at Mayor Biby Rabelo‘s face.

It was the municipal president herself who shared the moment on social networks and assured that Aoki’s concert was “tremendous.”

During the presentation, Rabelo held a sign with the legend “Cake me” to ask the DJ to throw him a cake, as he does in each of his concerts.


Aoki complied with the request and hit a cake in the face of the politician, who continued the celebration bathed in whipped cream.

For the musician’s presentation, the municipality ordered several cakes to be made, which were thrown at the public.


Steve Aoki is one of the most famous EDM DJs in the music world, but do you know how this famous caking stunt came to be? Caking may seem to be the act of Aoki throwing a baked good into someone’s face, but there is a lot of thought in this stunt.

If you want to know all about caking and how Aoki has perfected it, keep reading!

1. Who Is Steve Aoki?

Steve Aoki is a very popular EDM DJ. His music is associated with rave culture and is known for bringing Punk Rock to EDM music.  

He first started DJing at VICE parties and bars before his big break. Aoki soon moved to Los Angles to pursue a music career, starting with his record label. 

His record company is named Dim Mak Records. The company’s name is a reference to Bruce Lee’s Death Touch technique. So, now you know the dim mak meaning!

After starting the company he began to mess around with DJing. His music hit the market at the right time. It was new and drew the attention of those who wanted to listen to something unique. The timing was key and Aoki hit it, rising to fame.

People know him as the rockstar of DJs and for his concert stunts. One of the most popular stunts he does is caking. 

2. What Is Caking?

Caking is a stunt performed by Seve Aoki himself. It is when Aoki throws a cake at someone in the audience. This is usually while he is playing a set and sometimes is planned with a specific song. 

This may seem like a stunt that doesn’t require much thought, but the DJ puts a lot of time into perfecting it.

3. The History of Caking

In 2011 the band Autoerotique released a music video titled Turn up the Volume under Dim Mak Records. The music video shows colorful cakes exploding in people’s faces after blowing out candles.

When Aoki saw the video he was in awe. He loved the sequence and thought it was brilliant. 

Aoki has been caught saying that he thought there was something cinematic and beautiful to the exploding cakes. He wasn’t the only one, the video went viral pretty fast. Even people who didn’t listen to EDM knew about the exploding cake video.

Aoki began playing the Autoerotique song in his set. This was to help promote the music and his label. When the song came on, he would reveal a cake that said ‘Turn up the Volume’ with the Autoerotique’s name. The writing was included on the cake so the audience could understand.

Since the video went viral, Aoki didn’t need to do much explaining. The audience and long-time fans knew exactly what the cake was from. 

Eventually, Steve retired the song from his set. For about six months he dropped caking altogether. Fans would be yelling for it and asking to be caked even though Aoki wasn’t playing the song.

He decided to put caking into all of his shows. So the song left the set, but the act of caking stayed. We mean, who doesn’t want a Steve Aoki cake in their face?

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