Dog dies from fireworks, owner shares sad story on social networks

As we have been warned and we know, fireworks, as well as any type of pyrotechnics, seriously affect pets, from suffering anxiety to death.

Such was the case of a little dog named “Kaos” who was rescued from the streets, because through a video released on social networks by his owner, she mentions that her pet died because of the tremendous amount of stress provoked by the noise of fireworks, without specifying whether it was an anxiety attack or heart attack.

The video shows the puppy 40 minutes before his unfortunate death.

It can be seen that “Kaos” is very affectionate, playful and friendly with his owners.

However, his owner, published that he passed away last December 15 at 8:00 pm- The lady can be seen very sad and crying while hugging her pet.

And in the midst of the pain that the family of the pet went through, they had to bury the body of “Kaos”, who dug in the yard of what seems to be his house.

Undoubtedly, losing a pet is something very painful, and even more so for causes that could be avoided, such as artificial games, since they become part of the family and we give them the love and affection they deserve.

Why do fireworks affect dogs so much?

Pyrotechnics affect dogs because their hearing is four times more sensitive than humans, so they perceive the noise much more, which causes them stress and even death.

In this sense, he indicated that when dogs are in these scenarios of tension due to the rockets, some of them may be completely paralyzed, while others tend to run away, which puts them at risk of being run over, and even at home they may be injured when trying to protect themselves.

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