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The sale of anti-flu medications increases in pharmacies across Merida

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán, (January 13, 2022).- Employees of pharmacies in Mérida reveal that they have increased the number of consultations, which have gone from 10 to more than 25 a day, so far they have not presented COVID infections by staff. However, they point out, they have become stricter with health protocols since the workers of these premises are those who are in contact with people who may be infected with the coronavirus.

In the same way, they stressed that they have increased their sales of anti-flu medicines in recent months, which have been derived by changes in the weather or even by the coronavirus.

In some pharmacies in the Yucatecan capital, those in charge of business have seen an increase in the sales of cough medicines, this from the fact that COVID-19 infections have had a rise, as well as the climate changes that have influenced people to get sick with the flu and cough.

Alberto, in charge of a pharmacy in the Center of Mérida, which does not have medical offices for people, said that there was an increase in the purchase of medicines, more during the month of December where it reached 50 percent plus.

Despite the fact that the month is beginning, the influx of people is still good, the medications that are most taken are Loratadine for allergies, Agrifen, Antrigripal and Amoxicillin, which although the pharmacy only offers pharmaceutical guidance, it has not been an impediment to to keep selling.

“The sales of medicines have risen but only those that alleviate symptoms of respiratory diseases,” said Silvia in charge of a pharmacy, who stressed sales during the month of December have been good in general, since although they were not affected in the business closings during 2020, sales were not good, since the place where they are located is central and people avoided getting here.

Silvia stressed that in the same way, consultations in pharmacies have increased since there is a difference in previous months, where only up to 10 people attended in the offices, at the beginning of January this change, since now there are rows but up to 25 people are cared for, who are for flu illnesses, who are certain that some people attend to consult without knowing that they have the virus.

Finally, pharmacy employees have not yet been affected in their health derived from the virus, but there is a fear since some people who go to consult or buy medicines do not know if they are infected with the virus, but to avoid problems in their health they reinforced the prevention protocols for the safety of all

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